Wobulenzi Town Academy

WTA is a secondary school for 600 students proving affordable education for students from low income families throughout Uganda. 

The school provides low-cost, quality education for those that would not otherwise be able to afford it. Many students come from northern Uganda, where their lives, education and families have been disrupted by the ongoing effects of the recent war and for some, their childhood in the refugee (IDP) camps. 

  • capacity for 600 secondary pupils, aged 13-20+ (400 boarding places)
  • providing low-cost, good-quality education for “orphans and vulnerable children”, especially girls
  • targeting young people from very low and/or no-income families
  • offers education to O’ and A’ level standard
  • includes a well stocked Library, 2 Laboratories, and IT room with 24 workstations
  • WTA is now financially sustainable to cover all basic running costs by attracting a proportion of higher fee paying students
  • ServeDirect offers financial support for many activities/items outside the basic school curriculum, ie. new buildings, textbooks, science equipment, sports kit etc.

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