What we do

ServeDirect is a small, UK registered charity that partners with locally run, community- based projects, concentrating on supporting the areas of education and health. Our initial focus was in the community of Lukomera, Luwero District, Central Uganda. Recently, we opened a Connect Education & Resource Centre in Gulu, Northern Uganda

Here, we are working alongside three connected, locally run projects: a secondary school, a health centre and a primary resource centre.

By concentrating on projects such as these, we believe strongly that the whole community, and not just a few individuals, can benefit from the input and improvements. We find it is more effective and sustainable to partner with existing projects, who, given some extra finances, equipment or resources, can be enabled to maximise their potential and do an even better job.

ServeDirect is constantly looking for ways to support improvements in literacy, education and health for the whole rural community. We aim to provide the school population with good education, good health, wise preparation for life and opportunities for their future.

ServeDirect fundraises in the UK, Europe and in Uganda. Money raised goes towards providing excellent quality buildings, resources and materials, but the ‘day to day’ running of the projects is left to the wisdom and competence of local staff.