Student story: Sarah


Sarah recently completed S6 and will leave WTA after her A' levels. Her aim is to become the first woman President of Uganda! She reasons that if Idi Amin could become President having stopped schooling in P2 (aged about 8) then she has a good chance ! You never know....

Sarah did not have an easy childhood and stayed in an orphanage about 3 miles from school as a day student at WTA. Although technically not an orphan, her parents left her to grow up with a distant relative – she has no idea why. The orphanage recognised she had some academic potential and paid for her schooling at WTA.

Sarah did well at school and passed her A'levels, but didn't have enough money university. Shortly after getting her results, Sarah got a job working with an NGO based near Kampala, where she is doing really well and is now hoping to take a part-time degree in Social Work and Counselling. She is a great advocate for the school and often comes back to visit and inspire her fellow students.