Student story: Arnold


Uganda's (definitely) Got Talent – future lawyer or future singer?

WTA helps me to encourage my talent of singing with my fellow students – I hope to be a lawyer and a musician in the future. WTA has helped me so much especially in the support we receive. I would like to sing professionally as I love music and am creative in songwriting.

After I finished primary school, I really wanted to go to secondary school, but my father wanted me to stay and study in Lira which I didn't want to do – it would feel like still studying in the village. At WTA, the new site is really beautiful and has good classrooms, latrines and a kitchen. My father was convinced about it, because the fees are affordable.

In life I have always wondered whether I would survive as there has been a lot of difficulty. My parents separated when I was 5 and my brothers and I stayed with my father. If we visited our mother, my father was unhappy. I felt very sad about life.

But in life there is a good reason why things happen. There is a reason behind everything and people can change. We must learn to appreciate each other. Wobulenzi Town Academy was part of God's plan to change my life and has brought God to the community – it is the biggest blessing.

PS from Elspeth – Arnold is great at public speaking and great at singing/songwriting so we can see him pursuing either career, if he gets the chance!