Working with the staff has been amazing..

Jerry Dugdale | August 7, 2017

Working with the staff has been amazing..
Joint staff discussion

Working with the staff has been amazing..- very positive interactions and feedback

One of the key aspects of this 10Up team visit is teacher training for both WTA secondary teachers and primary teachers involved at The Bridge . This involves all the 10Up team members either leading or supporting the sessions. The WTA teachers are involved in the morning planning, during the lessons and in the debriefing at the end of the day. It is all about sharing skills, experiences, challenges and ideas. Three Bridge teacher training sessions will also take place for about 50 teachers who work in the schools that use the Primary Resource Centre.



In the words of Paul Ibbott, senior teacher overseeing the staff discussions...

One of the biggest surprises, perhaps, was the level of professionalism and theoretical expertise that existed amongst the WTA teaching staff.  Once we became well-acquainted with our colleagues, we discovered passion, shared humour, and great ideas.  We feel that they have been increasingly willing to accept our ideas as we demonstrate day by day that they work.

We have been addressing their concerns by demonstrating how we would approach solving that problem with more interactive techniques which involve the students thinking, discussing and answering teachers’ questions using cards for multiple choice, yes/no or true/false questions.  Very quickly, the teachers have seen how these can work and they are intending to put them into practice

As we have received feedback from our lessons, we have put some of their suggestions into practice, so they have seen that our teaching has improved.  This has proved to us all that the process works and has allowed us to really gain acceptance as part of the wider teaching team rather than as “experts” arriving to show them how it is done.  This was exactly as we wished to relate to them and leaves us feeling tired but very happy with the work.


Tom and Paul team teaching a Geography lesson .... about the Netherlands' approach to coastal and flood management - unbelievably, it is on the Ugandan O' level curriculum! And great that Johannes is on hand to be the 'local' expert.

Overground or Underground? Teacher training for The Bridge will focus on Creative Teaching, Assessment Techniques and Developing Good Handwriting. So how do you write your letters.... above ground, below ground or in the air? Tom has been spent time developing imaginative resources for this workshop...