Working Against the Odds

Elspeth Dugdale | November 6, 2016

Working Against the Odds
Bridge Quiz Winners with their Prizes

Throughout the year, Deborah and the Bridge team run a series of inter-school quizzes to help all the P7 (top) classes prepare for the Primary Leaving Exam, taken in early November. They have to pass 4 papers in Maths, English, Science and Social Studies in order to apply for secondary school.



PLE is highly competitive - the higher the score, the choosier the parents can be about the next school. It is also considered to be a very tough exam. Rural children attending schools with absent teachers and hardly any resources take the same four papers as exclusive and expensive schools in Kampala with the best resources and best teachers.... who may also actually set the national papers.

But Uganda's primary education is considered to be in is an extract from the BBC website

Uganda's education crisis in numbers: 

  • 68% of students do not finish primary education
  • 78% of new teachers failed a basic maths test and 61% failed a basic literacy test  
  • 29% of teachers absent during the week     **                                                                    

** Sources: Ministry of Education, 2014, Uganda National Examinations Board, 2015, Uwezo, 2015 )                                       


In contrast, by functioning as a Resource Centre, The Bridge is able to redress some of this imbalance by

  • helping and encouraging children to stay in primary school, 
  • providing competent, trained and kindly staff who work full time at The Bridge, supporting all the local primary schools.