What's the plan?

Elspeth Dugdale | March 8, 2021

What's the plan?
So what are we going to do then?

No one can deny the power of social media..... However, to carry out this 'plan' we are going old school (not quite resorting to 'snail mail'), but by sending out individual emails to as many friends and supporters as possible. We would like to invite you all to take part in an ambitious but achievable goal. If you would like a personal email but haven't yet received one, please let us know..!


The plan looks like this - we are writing to everyone who has been a part of the ServeDirect story over the years to ask if you would be able to help out. This is 'why' and 'how'. Please read on……

WHY? As you may know from our 2020 articles, all schools & universities in Uganda closed on March 20th last year. They remained totally closed for 6 months until October, when the government allowed just 3 classes to return: 2 secondary and 1 primary - those taking public exams. Three more classes have just been allowed to start and others may start to return on a staggered basis from now until July. But the fact remains that the vast majority have already missed a full 12 months. 

So far in Uganda, Covid has created more of an economic crisis than a health crisis. Most WTA parents are on very low incomes, therefore depending on earning money on a daily or weekly basis – some are literally on that ‘dollar a day’, we often hear about. Not being able to move around and trade as normal has caused a devastating cash crisis for many.

The biggest problem is lack of cash. After such an extensive lockdown and little work, many parents lack actual cash for school fees – one of their their biggest normal outlays.

This situation, we can see, is going to get worse before it gets better. Therefore, for 2021, we want to offer support to WTA, so that they can offer students specially reduced fees this academic year. This will allow all financially disadvantaged students to return to school as soon as possible. Without this ‘one-off’ support many of the current school population will literally stay stuck at home. Realistically, many (especially girls) will give up and ‘drop out’. At a time like this, the sad reality is that many parents often choose to educate their boys in preference to their girls, which has huge long-term consequences for the future.

WHAT? During 2021, we want to raise a total of £45,000 to help the school with this specific challenge of ‘bringing the students back’. It’s a sizeable but not impossible amount and is calculated to support roughly one third of the students’ fees at WTA.

There are various ways you can help:

1. Donate to ‘BRING THEM BACK’:  

  • £20 per month for 10 months/ £200 per year will bring back and keep two boarding students (or 8 day students) in school for the academic 2021 year. Our target is to raise enough to support all students.
  • If you can donate £20/month or £200 as a ‘one-off’, that would be fantastic. But any donation, large or small, is always greatly appreciated, so please feel free to give what you can. A little, literally, does go a long way.
  • On the other hand, if 45 people want to donate £1000, or 100 people want to donate £450 etc, then we could reach the target very quickly!
  • Donate via the red, square Virgin moneygiving button on the homepage. If you wish to donate via bank transfer, please email jerry@servedirect.org for details.

2. Get involved and organise a fundraising activity yourself and/or amongst your friends/church/work colleagues.

3. Share this information with your own friends and family, if you think others would like to get involved.

If you would like further information about how/why ServeDirect is fundraising like this, please email elspeth@servedirect.org. We have even compiled some extra ‘background’ points with the aim of anticipating & answering possible concerns or questions.

If you wish to donate from the Netherlands, please email us for specific information. Dank je wel!