Webale Nyo

Jerry Dugdale | September 3, 2017

Webale Nyo

Thanks from us all to the 10up! team - you obviously had lots of experiences and fun on the trip - but also helped do some serious work at the projects. We are sure that Uganda and its people have 'got under your skin'. Much appreciated and we look forward to seeing how the changes/training make a difference over the longer term.


Here is a quick thanks and profile of the team - in no particular order.......

Anna_1.jpg Tom_1.jpg

Anna Miles - her second visit - an experienced Primary teacher, Anna took part in teacher training at WTA and The Bridge,as well as throwing herself into the additional activities. Tom Fairbank - first visit - also an experienced Primary teacher. Tom led through the Primary teacher training and put his Geography degree to good use by demonstrating a lesson as part of the WTA training. 

Petra_1.JPG Paul_1.jpg

Petra Allen - her fourth visit! Super creative, Petra used her great experiences at The Bridge and WTA where she knows many of the students well. Paul Ibbott - first visit. As a senior Secondary school teacher, he led the teacher training and chaired the various discussion and feedback meetings with the WTA teachers. Paul led through many of the Christian music & teaching sessions held with the students.

Levi_1.jpg Daphne_1.jpg

Levi Dendy - first visit. Levi threw himself into sport, creative activities and generally everything there was to do! Daphne Land-Jones - first visit. Primary school teacher with a wealth of experience in Secondary schools as well, she led through some of the teacher training, especially demonstrating 'good practice' during lessons.

Jo_LJ_1.jpg Jo_1.JPG

Joe Land-Jones - first visit. Lots of drumming and sport - and wins the award for the most photos! Joe also took some great sessions at The Bridge. Jo Bond - second visit. As an experienced Further Education teacher/lecturer, Jo led through parts of the teacher training - especially regarding Science - and demonstrated a gruesome rat dissection with the WTA students and teachers! Jo also led through some of the Christian music sessions.

georgia_1.jpg Emma_1.jpg

Georgia Allen - second visit. Although still a student, Georgia took part in demonstrating Science classes at WTA and led various activities at The Bridge. Emma Brider - first visit. Emma helped with lots of creative & craft activities at both WTA and The Bridge - as well as making noise on the drum!

Thanks to you all - especially for taking hold of what ServeDirect is all about, ie. 'being willing to 'muck in', be flexible and having a sense of humour when it all does not go to plan. As a team you also raised around £5000 for the ongoing work of ServeDirect. We are sure your trip made a real difference - both in Uganda and to you all personally.