Jerry Dugdale | December 5, 2016

Askari Stephen at the new drinking water stand

Access to safe water is always an issue in Uganda. Over the years we have dug 3 wells on site and the water is safe - but can taste a bit metallic (due to the slow rusting of the 'so called' galvanised pipes) or be a bit cloudy due to the nature of the well. Both these factors make the water sometimes unattractive to drink - and not the best for vulnerable patients in The Rock Health Centre.

The recent team raised funds towards keeping girls in school and to provide a robust drinking water filtration system. One team member in particular, Will, had fundraised before he came out by carrying 2 jerrycans of water a few miles to demonstrate the water access issues faced by most Ugandans.


And so we now have an excellent result! Many thanks to Kampala based 'Uganda Water Project' for working with us and setting up the system and giving training in how to keep the system maintained. Now we have taps providing drinking water to The Rock, WTA students and for the children visiting The Bridge. The water tastes good!