That Was The Year That Was

Elspeth Dugdale | January 6, 2019

That Was The Year That Was
WTA - a growing school

2018 has been another very significant year for ServeDirect and the projects we partner with..                                                                                                                                 




  • The new Connect Education Centre, Gulu opened in January, held it's official Opening Ceremony in June and completed the first year of 'trading' in December. Melissa and team hosted a total of 14,137 children attending sessions.
  • The Bridge was renamed and relaunched as Connect Education Centre, Lukomera. Deborah and team welcomed 14,629 children to their various sessions.
  • Wobulenzi Town Academy, under Headmaster Benard's new senior leadership team, started to implement new strategies in pupil mentoring and tracking and shared teacher observations - in a push to further improve academic performance.
  • WTA has seen significant new developments in IT provision (from 33 to 51 computer workstations), Science and Maths.
  • An additional 3 acres of land was purchased in Lukomera to develop sports for WTA, CEC Lukomera and the wider community.
  • New solar lighting systems have been installed for all Lukomera projects providing much needed stability for evening prep sessions and overnight security.
  • The Rock Health Centre, under Dr Sam's new leadership, is developing stronger community links, including dentistry - with the boda-ambulance in frequent use!
  • Back at the Connect Education Centre Gulu, we are proud to partner with READ for Life and witness the great progress being made in literacy development in over 80 Gulu primary schools.
  • We remain grateful to Opio Charles for his leadership and careful oversight of the work both in Lukomera & Gulu and for providing us with such patient guidance, wisdom and direction.
Official opening of the Connect Education Centre Gulu
A winning inter-schools quiz team at the CEC Lukomera

Read aloud session at CEC Gulu 


Jody (READ for Life) and Melissa (CEC Gulu)


A level students at WTA before their last exam


Teaching team at CEC Gulu


A proud girl student taking part in one of our regular Days for Girls sessions


A class lining up for sessions at CEC Gulu


Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from the team in Gulu