Visitors... and VIP Sunday Lunch

Elspeth Dugdale | April 1, 2016

Visitors... and VIP Sunday Lunch
Student Leadership Training with Sim Dendy

Recent visitors to Wobulenzi Town Academy have, as usual, been made to earn their keep. Sim Dendy (Leader at New Life Church Romsey) and Nick Allen (Trustee of ServeDirect) came out mid March to spend about a week with us.




Sim led through several inspiring sessions on Leadership Training for a group of around 50 Prefects and senior students, which they loved. He also led a Leadership programme at Maranatha Church, with Moses kulubya and his team. This was followed through with a double session on the Sunday, a guest visit to the new Sunday School building, some phenomenal Sunday school dancing and then some energetic, exhausting & dust-cloud forming dancing back at WTA.


On Sim' s last day, Charles and Patrick joined us for Sunday lunch. Phil was able to join us from Kampala too on that day, as he was in Uganda working for 2 weeks - so we were all able to have a good catch up together. We managed to recreate an English Sunday dinner and tried to impress with pineapple crumble to bring some English culinary diversion to the meal. Definitely a good photo opportunity!


Once again, Nick's visit was very timely, as 'with his trustees' hat on' ,he was able to attend a crucial meeting with us to discuss a possible land offer near Luwero for a second Bridge. It is early stages yet, but it looks as if the wonderfully named 'Butuntumula' community land may well fit the bill.

On other days, Nick could be found hidden under a pile of small visitors to The Bridge, reading stories, singing action songs and having his hair pulled.... which is what he loves to do when in Uganda!