Verbatim - Benard, Charles & Deborah send greetings

Elspeth Dugdale | December 10, 2020

Verbatim - Benard, Charles & Deborah send greetings
Headteacher Benard with Trustee Paul earlier this year

“Hello Members & Friends of ServeDirect. This is Ssemogwerere Benard, Head Teacher of Wobulenzi Town Academy. I want to send my sincere thanks to all of you who have supported us in this trying period of Covid- 19. You have really been there for us ....



You have loved us, you have supported us morally, spiritually, financially so please, thanks so much for the support you have rendered to us - Jerry, Elspeth, Paul, Phil, Michèle, Stan, Sue, Johannes, Gé, and all other members that I may not have mentioned.

Thanks for loving us in Africa, specifically Uganda; we thank you for always supporting ServeDirect. In the end, ServeDirect has supported us and we really appreciate all the help we always get, through our Director Charles in the form of finances. You have supported us specifically as teachers since lockdown was announced in our country. Actually we haven't suffered like many other teachers in the country .. at least we had something to survive with. I really want to thank you so so so much for thinking about us. We pray that the good Lord continues providing you with whatever to bless the work you do and you continue helping us where you can.

 I also want to wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas though there are problems of Covid, but I know we have to still celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in 2021 and we pray that the vaccine and maybe even the cure for Covid-19 so that we can all move freely again. We used to have so many visits from ServeDirect, but now Covid has cancelled all such travel and activities.

We pray that God really guides us through this trying period, that God protects us and that God gives us all the wisdom to protect ourselves and at the end we will survive this problem of Covid- 19. I wish you blessings from the Lord and we love you all. Bye bye! “


From: Charles Opio, Director Wobulenzi Town Academy


Please receive my Christmas greetings to all our ServeDirect friends, Trustees and Supporters.

As we wait for the birth of OUR SAVIOUR amidst the battle against Covid -19, I pray that when the battle is over, we shall count our families, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances etc and find that none is missing (Numbers 31:48-50). For our GOD is the one who preserves life (Psalm 91:11). It may be business 'unusual' in the world, but Christmas still reserves its significance.

I wish you all a peaceful and a happy Christmas.

Kind regards, Charles & Annett


Greetings from Madam Deborah at Connect, Lukomera


Greetings to Team ServeDirect!

It gives us great pleasure that it's now been 8 years that I have been with you serving the communities with the Connect Education Centre. 

Every year we have had some of you visit, share your insights, training us and we have been inspired each time. Though 2020 came with unexpected challenges we are hopeful and pray for 2021 to be different that we may get to meet and also interact more with our dear clients, especially the children.

This festive season we pray for protection, good health and more blessings for you and your beloved.

Thanks for being so generous!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2021!

Deborah @ Connect team


Partnering with such visionary leaders as Charles, Benard and Deborah ensures that WTA, The Rock and the Connect Education Centres continue to thrive and flourish, despite the uncertainty and difficulties of 2020. Next year will doubtless bring some different and equally demanding challenges as the rest of the students return.

Committing to help the poorest and most vulnerable students get back to and remain in school will be a huge step forward in the right direction. We will continue to support them as they move the work forward into 2021. This is how you can help this happen:

If you would like to join us, please donate via the red button on the website homepage:

£20 will help a day student get back to school,

£50 will help a boarding student get back to school.

£15 will pay for stationery essentials

£10 will pay for reusable pads or toiletries

£15 will pay for a uniform pack

Christmas Greetings and Thanks from us all at ServeDirect. Thank you for your support, interest, friendship, prayers and help throughout 2020; it is greatly appreciated.