An update on food and students

Jerry Dugdale | June 3, 2019

An update on food and students
Bags of maize - the basic staple food

Food, glorious food!....a great line from the musical Oliver runs through the back of my mind as I write this article. Food is a really serious business and focus for the majority in Uganda. Food remains the largest cost for most families. There is no government benefit support system to help if you have nothing to eat.


Since writing the news article last month - the price of maize has risen another 40% but seems to have stabilised for the time being. The other basic, beans, have also risen 50%. These rises have huge consequences; one of them being a potential impact on student numbers as families tighten their belts and stop any other expenditure - education included.

Term 2 started at WTA last Monday and so far about 60% of students have turned up - which is much better than a lot of schools, but there are still storm clouds on the horizon. In an email from Opio Charles yesterday he wrote

'What is clear though is that many northern students especially from Lira and Oyam may drop out this term because their parents/ guardians have no crop produce to sell to pay their fees. I was in the north late last week and I saw most schools including primary schools with just slightly over a quarter of their ordinary population'.

A huge thanks to everyone who has responded to this issue - many people have donated money that we are passing on to the school over the next couple of terms. If you would still like to help please click on the red Donate button at the top right of the website page, quoting FOOD as a reference.