Ukelele Lessons, Stand-Up Water and other Lifechanging Habits

Elspeth Dugdale | September 4, 2016

Ukelele Lessons, Stand-Up Water and other  Lifechanging Habits
Chase Team - bright green energy and creativity!
WTA was taken over in August by a wave of creativity, excitement, music, teaching and great wonder - all due to the presence of Team Chase from Waltham Chase Methodist Church, Hampshire. Before departure they had spent an enormous amount of time fundraising and working together to prepare an action packed programme. Although they took several thousand photos between them, we have included just a few to give a flavour of what went on....
In the mornings, the team organised some energetic activities at The Bridge: bubble blowing, reading, games, action songs and 'The Great Ugandan Bake Off' which was a masterclass in baking half-cakes with Teacher Brenda. Under the talented guidance and leadership of resident artist (and ukelele impressario) Michael, together they transformed the Bridge walls with a brand new, bespoke alphabet mural. The results speak for themselves and even before it was finished, the mural was being used as a wonderful learning resource.
Team leader Tizz had prepared an inspiring programme of  'Developing Habits That Will Change Your Life' which the team presented to the students each afternoon. The rest of the day was filled with a range of activities, some of which may sound familiar ...Dancing, English, Health Support at The Rock, Biology, Bringing Science to Life, Cartoon Drawing, Craft, Sewing, Business Training, Football and Netball. 
Some activities, however, definitely added a unique Chase Team flavour, which will not be forgotten...who would have thought of these as additions to a WTA programme?
Ukelele Lessons - P.A. Training and Maintenance - Learning Life Lessons by Making Jelly (or 'Stand-up Water') - an audiovisual Presentation on ' Creating  Culture' - demonstrating and teaching the Macarena and even the Hokey Cokey!
Such a brief overview of all that they achieved as a team, which is pretty exhausting to read. Look out for their own personal perspectives on the Testimonials page.
Thank you so much from WTA and all at ServeDirect to Josh, Peter, Alan ( who also travelled from the US), Jo, Tanya, Jean, Michael, Jenny, Ed, Tori, Bekah, Jess, Julie and Tizz.