Time to Put Your Right Foot In?

Elspeth Dugdale | September 4, 2016

Time to Put Your Right Foot In?
You put your right foot in, right foot out, in out in out ...

There are spaces left on the November Team Trip to WTA , November 19th- December 4th 2016.

Lots of opportunities to get involved with The Bridge, with WTA students and at The Rock for medical and community outreach - or even with practical work on site. And of course there's always more time for Hokey Cokey so you can come and put your right and your left foot in. Or shake it all about ...!

What could you do? The possibilities are endless - from maternity to maths, from building to basketball, from painting to presentations, from craft to cooking, from teaching to training, from nail art to nursing, from murals to macarena, from English to electrics, from Physics to Football.... do get in touch if you're interested in joining us. The 2 week trip will also include a few days discovering the natural beauty and wildlife of Uganda.

For further information, email info@servedirect.org or leave a message via the website.