Thankyou letters!

Elspeth Dugdale | December 6, 2015

Thankyou letters!
New Sunday School Room

Slightly in advance of Christmas and the end of 2015, it is time to write some thankyous... 

Firstly, thanks to New Life Church, Romsey who donated the Village Ambulance (see other article) earlier this year and have also now funded the building of two classrooms for the Sunday School at Maranatha Church, Katikamu, near Wobulenzi. There are over 150 energetic and enthusiastic children in the church who used to have to squeeze into a tiny room. This new building will enable them to have much more space on Sundays and will also be used for afterschool support during the week, reaching out to local families regardless of faith or tribe.





Our contact and friendship with Maranatha is longstanding since the days when WTA was located at Katikamu - Pastor Moses is not only a good friend of ServeDirect, but also did all the perimeter fencing at WTA. He has overseen this new building in the photo above.  Phil (Ball) has been a regular visiting speaker at Maranatha over the years, Sim and the New Life Church team visited last year and of course, Sue and Stan are still regular visitors. During their visit this month, the 'WhiteRose' team spent some time adding some finishing touches and doing the gloss painting on the doors and windows at Maranatha and met some of the congregation, both young and old.



In other thanks, thank you so much to our great friend Helen Richardson, who wowed us all by running the Cardiff Half Marathon for ServeDirect and raised over £2000 towards a new Bridge. And thanks to Matt Perriment from London who ran the Hackney Half Marathon earlier this year.



Immense thanks also to everyone who kindly collected and donated books, materials and resources for the next Bridge(s). Over this year, teams have taken out over 300kg within their shared baggage allowances. And we still have about 200kg waiting to go.....

Thank you very much also to so many of our individual donors and business/group donations  - we really appreciate the generosity and faithfulness of those of you who continue to support on a regular basis. Big thanks of course to all the members of our fun and dynamic Christchurch and WhiteRose teams, not to mention the many visitors both from within Uganda, from neighbouring Kenya and the UK to WTA this year. Thanks and great appreciation to Carol Willison, Jody Unterrheiner, Rachel Buchanan and Philippa Chapman for the brilliant training sessions, shared wisdom and fun. The gift of your time, your skills and expertise sharing, the gift of conversation, laughter and friendship is priceless.

PS - The ServeDirect house on site (where Sue and Stan live) is now called 'Mirembe', meaning 'Peace' in Luganda..... as it most definitely provides peace, rest and relaxation from the busy-ness, business and noise of school. We will be posting up more information about 2016 team trips (and of course the chance to stay at Mirembe!) in the New Year. As they say... watch this space...