Thanks for saying thanks!

Elspeth Dugdale | October 2, 2016

Thanks for saying thanks!
P7 say thank you via WhatsApp

Via the wonder of WhatsApp, we received this letter from P7, the top class at Zacayo Primary School. Zacayo (Luganda for 'Zacchaeus') is one of the best performing primary schools in Lukomera and they are regular visitors to the Bridge. Headteacher Madam Ada is also so supportive of The Bridge and makes sure that her pupils never miss a week.

Zacayo attributes much of their pupils' current academic and learning success to input from The Bridge, and their teachers are very vocal in the community about this. Children in this particular P7 class will attended since they were in P2. This is what they had to say to Deborah and the staff at The Bridge : 

"We have written this letter to appreciate for what you have done for us as Primary Seven as Zacayo Musisi Memorial Primary School 2016.

You have promoted our talents through organising the inter school competition for both girls and boys. We also thank you for the quizzes you have been organising for us, which has enabled us to get new ideas from other members of other schools.

We thank the Serve Direct which has sponsored the above activities. We greatly thank you for the gifts you have given us such as maths sets, bags, sports clothes and sports shoes.

We will be happy if our letter meet your kind regards.

Yours faithfully,


Zacayo M. M. P/S"

In fact, we do know and also have clear evidence that The Bridge is doing a great work and already is having a real impact on primary education in the whole community. However, it is very inspiring and very encouraging to see it in writing. And of course, the pupils from Zacayo are great fun to work with and doing very well - webale nyo, Zacayo P7!