A successful Parents' Open Day

Jerry Dugdale | March 3, 2014

A successful Parents' Open Day
Explaining the partnership between ServeDirect and WTA

Yesterday, Wobulenzi Town Academy, hosted a very successful parents open day. This included an early church service, a welcome to new parents, an official parents meeting, a celebratory lunch and a series of entertainments and exhibitions put on by the students which lasted well into the evening. 

The overall mood in the school is extremely positive due to the recent O'Level results, which placed WTA within the top 500 secondary schools in Uganda. The good results have also boosted the student registration numbers, meaning that there are now only vacancies in Senior 2 in the lower section of the school and Senior 6 at the upper end (Senior 5 students have not started yet due to the late release of the exam results - they are due to start on the 17th March).

Huge energy went into the traditional regional dances as well as the singing of some new songs written by the students as part of the initiative by charity Hands'n'feet.


It was particularly impressive to see the various science exhibitions and demonstrations which captivated the interest of the visiting parents - this is a major step forward for the school and is a direct result of the current 2 year partnership with HE Space Children's Foundation.


An excellent day.