Starting On The Right Track

Elspeth Dugdale | March 3, 2019

Starting On The Right Track
Settling into Science - first time into a laboratory

This year's intake of Senior 1s, fresh out of primary school, are throwing themselves into secondary school life with great enthusiasm. Many are away from home for the first time in their lives.There is so much to remember: coping with dormitory life, getting to grips with many new subjects, not to mention washing their own clothes and getting to the right classroom at the right time.


Many have never left their home areas before, whether they travel north to WTA from Kampala or south to WTA from the northern districts. So it is really good to see them making friendships and getting settled into school activities.


Chemistry.... learning about the equipment first.


Saturday morning reading club....


2 hours of free reading and discovering the delights of the whole library


New WTA shirts, with beautifully screen printed school badges by the Art Club

And it's not only the S1s that have been busy, Judith and Neil Kirkland have been back to WTA and the Connect Centres in both Lukomera and Gulu again. They have thrown themselves into teacher training and IT support respectively.. plus an immense amount of counting, sorting, labelling, storytelling, wiring, fixing, problem solving and wise thinking! 


Both 'lesser spotted' Kirklands, taking a brief, well-deserved rest on the journey between WTA and Gulu - with the car well loaded up!