So far so good.....

Elspeth Dugdale | May 12, 2018

So far so good.....

Gulu Notes........ from Melissa Rogers, Project Guardian at the Connect Centre, reflecting back over the first term:







March: We have opened on Saturdays! From 9am to 1pm on Saturdays, we have invited community children to come read in the library and have time to complete puzzles and other activities. The first day saw over 200 children! While we haven’t reached quite that number again, I don’t doubt that we will....     After just a few weeks, a teacher told me that her neighbours were talking about the centre. One mother said that even the behaviour of her children has changed. She thinks they must be reading good things in our books!



April: This was a quiet month as we neared the end of term. Weekday sessions and Saturday Library hours continued. We filled the gaps in children with developing more resources to better our program. It has been exciting to watch the staff catch on to the concept of interactive, hands-on, learning materials and begin creating out of their own ideas.

The end of term is an odd time in Uganda. School is often cancelled except for exams and then they will often close at least one or more weeks early. We decided that since we were going to have full holiday programs during the pupil’s 3 weeks of holiday, we would take a week off during one of the weeks we knew we wouldn’t have kids. Before breaking we took one week to work on resources and make plans for next term. We plan to have a full holiday program during the three week holiday for schools. It will involve open library hours; activities; reading, maths, and English practice; and various holiday clubs.



Holiday club is up and running. Following the innovative megaphone marketing by Sam and Tony, (Layibi transport hero), attendance tripled overnight and even led to the arrival of nursery children too. Creative clubs and library reading are held daily in the different classrooms and the children are loving the extra sandpit and waterplay time.