Snapshots .....

Elspeth Dugdale | June 5, 2017

Snapshots .....
Handover time - to Johannes and Gé....

A  quick round up of the many different activities that have been 'pushing on' (as they say) with all three projects.......







Love the Library….. 

This term, Charles surprised us all by announcing the start of not just one but two new librarians to join the staff team at WTA – Madam Eron and Madam Sarah. Together with Assistant Librarian Moses, they will working hard to raise the profile of the library, help staff and students to use it more effectively,  thereby build up a reading culture among a school generation that is simply not that familiar with handling books or using books for research.



Nurse Kati….. 

Kati Hayes, a nurse from Bristol has been visiting The Rock for two weeks, sharing skills and working with the team. She launched a programme of eye testing for the students – to assess how many would benefit from wearing glasses. Most have never had an eye test before. Kati found that, as we suspected, a significant number in each class are really struggling to read and study generally, due to very poor eyesight, while some others can hardly see the board.  It was an incredibly illuminating (no pun intended) exercise, as the need is very great. The next step is to organise a visit from an optician or two to prescribe accurately from the supplies of donated glasses already at The Rock. Any eye specialists out there? Please get in touch!



 Kati also tackled issues of hygiene, adolescent health and organisational systems. Plus, she went out visiting in the community and helped to treat malaria and typhoid cases – which are very prevalent at the moment. Here is Kati pictured with Sula - a young patient who was seriously 'down' with malaria. He is now smiling - and came back to see Kati with a thankyou present!


Teaching Practice - back to base…. 

Term Two is the term to welcome student teachers who are on an 8 week teaching placement from their Education courses at uni. Among the six arriving this week , there is one ‘OB’ - Torach Joel from Gulu University and one ‘OG’ Nantongo Aisha – from Makerere in Kampala – both in their final year’s practice.They are really looking forward to getting involved with school life and doing some great teaching.


Have you registered yet?

No, not for GE2017  -apparently that's a thing in the UK? - but registration for UNEB (O' and A' levels) has been a big admin task in the last few weeks. Madam Gertrude, the Headteacher, is really proud of all the smart, new identity cards and digital registration forms for 2017. The pile of paperwork represents hours and hours of checking and checking...... and double checking. 



 The Great Bridge Bake Off

As part of the new term’s teacher training, the dynamic sister duo of Deborah and Eva organised and led a cookery class for local primary teachers to help them learn how to teach baking to their own primary children. Unsurprisingly, cakes and cookies were the most popular session and the finished creations didn’t last long.



And now…. 

After a five week handover with Jerry and Elspeth, Johannes and Gé are now in charge of Mirembe House and getting fully immersed into WTA Lukomera life. Everywhere they go there are interesting conversations to be had, gardening techniques to be discussed, homes to be visited, games of Take Five to be challenged, water tanks to be cleaned, sewing machine lessons to share – and….. Dutch apple pie to be enjoyed. Already they are making a difference.


Bye Kati - come back and visit again!