On site at WTA.... same but different.....

Elspeth Dugdale | June 1, 2018

On site at WTA.... same but different.....
For The Time Of Your Life!

"Well be back” is the friendly greeting from everyone - from Charles, Kato Patrick and the teachers, from Deborah at the Connect Centre (we are trying to never say The Bridge again) and from Annett and The Rock staff.




Not only that, as we walked around Lukomera, there were several children (now rather bigger children than we remember), calling our names – and not just mzungu. It has also been great to catch up with ex-WTA students Ejuku Emmanuel and Akullu Stella, now both working at the school. And we even had a visit from Muhanguzi Moses, now at university in Kampala.


Term started on Monday 28th May, with students are slowly trickling back -  some are still waiting for money for transport or school fees. Even with smaller numbers (about 125 at the time of writing), teaching has already started, and there is a noticeable difference in the ‘organised’ feel of the place. Teachers, that used to spend a lot of time between lessons ‘resting’ in the staff room, now walk confidently around the compound, engaging the students in conversation. Now they are not just talking about exams, but also encouraging them to pick up litter (alas, some changes do take a little longer!); they are generally just more visible. We think it is probably no coincidence that this is due to Headmaster (Benard) and Deputy (Benon) who both seem so proactive.  Charles has told us how much responsibility has been lifted from his shoulders following these new appointments.


Around the school compound, one cannot fail to notice the blue signs around the school, which to UK eyes can seem ‘odd’, such as ‘Let’s eradicate Aids’, and ‘Say no to early sex’. However, such appeals are sadly sometimes the reality of Ugandan life.. However, the WTA atmosphere is certainly not despondent! The students tell us that they are happy and feel safe.They also recognise they are fortunate to be in a great school, with good teachers, a good ethos. Moreover, they know that if they work hard they will be able to achieve things that maybe their parents and grandparents could not. For as the sign at the entrance proudly states in bold red letters ‘Wobulenzi Town Academy...........For The Time Of Your Life’!

It is such a joy and a blessing to ‘well be back’!