ServeDirect Reaches West Africa!

Elspeth Dugdale | September 7, 2015

ServeDirect Reaches West Africa!
Church Leaders and Orphanage Staff together

Update compiled by Michèle Ball

Many SD friends and followers will know, that Phil repatriated to the UK after 7 years in Uganda this May.  What you may not know, is that his company invested in the Cameroon electricity company and consequently, he’s been travelling there over the past 18 months supporting the new team.  Mary Ntantang is his local colleague, who attends the Doula Presbyterian Church.  After several trips and good conversations, Phil learnt that her Church supports the Marie Franc Orphanage, for 100 children.


So the idea to train for the Madrid Marathon in April 2015 was born!  Phil’s daughter Em was keen to enter into the spirit and joy of training in the UK winter, whilst Phil continued to contend with a running machine in Kampala.  When Mary learnt of the challenge, she reported back to her Church and they raised over half of the sponsorship.  Phil said he found this particularly inspiring, as this local response was so generous.

Here are some photographs of Church leaders and ladies from the Orphanage, who’ve purchased food supplies for the primary children.  This will be taken to them this week in Bertoua.  They will also distribute to orphans within the congregation.


Phil is travelling to Cameroon this Sunday, so will return with some photos, as he hopes to visit himself if possible.  He recently returned from Kampala and will continue to visit both Uganda and Cameroon, so watch this space.

Again, many thanks for your generosity, support and prayers!

And - in answer to the question, " Where is Cameroon exactly?" ........