School's Out....

Elspeth Dugdale | December 3, 2017

School's Out....
Madam Judith and Jerry celebrating the success of the winning dance team 'Jerry House'!

WTA celebrated the end of term in style by organising their own end of term programme - with a Dance competition, sports matches and also ...... a bull roasting on the last day (definitely not for the squeamish).





The students were waiting patiently for their end of year reports, anxiously looking through for their results, which determine if they can be promoted to the next class. Many travel far to reach home so left very early on Friday morning - there is now 9 weeks of holiday until early February.

P1050805.JPGDrumming Energy!


DIY board games to while away the days of waiting



Dance rehearsals


Preparing the bull for the bull roasting..... vegetarian options also available


Johannes casts an eye over Raymond's S1 report


End of term smiles!


Goodbye and see you next term!