Role Reversal

Elspeth Dugdale | February 3, 2022

Role Reversal
S4 Group Work

Lesson observation can be fun and entertaining. In a large classroom packed with students, it is possible to sit fairly unobtrusively at the back and see what happens. Now the new curriculum is in full swing, there are & there should be plenty of opportunities for creative teaching ideas to develop this term.



Slipping into the back of an S4 English (O' level) lesson, I watched the entire class caught up in the excitement of seeing the Head of English (a dignified, mature teacher) stroll in to act out a short drama to help the student teacher's lesson on composition writing. The teacher divided the class into discussion groups and we all, (observer included), had to use the visual prompt as inspiration to write a longer story to read out to the class. 

Ten years ago in 2012, I taught a series of similar lessons - but far less entertaining - in the same S4 classroom to the same student teacher and his classmates for their English O' level. Talk about role reversal! Hopefully Teacher Arnold will give me a decent mark for my piece of writing ....