Resting? Retired? Recently Qualified? Raring to Go?

Jerry Dugdale | January 31, 2016

Resting? Retired? Recently Qualified? Raring to Go?
Students 'slaving over a hot stove'....

There is a vacancy at Wobulenzi Town Academy for a volunteer Science support Teacher,  from end of May - mid August 2016.  This will be to teach Science (Biology/Physics/Chemistry) from S1 - S4 up to Ugandan O' level (rough UK equivalent from Yr7 - Yr 11) or at A' level standard. Lots of practicals to make Science come alive...opportunities to get involved with other aspects of school life


Certainly a change of scenery from everyday teaching.. Textbooks, curriculum, well-equipped Science labs all provided.

Keen students -  all hungry to learn new things in a great environment.

Low cost accommodation available on site, so no commuting at all!

Please contact us for further information