Plastic Free? Small steps………

Elspeth Dugdale | February 18, 2020

Plastic Free?  Small steps………
Friday Assembly

Is this evidence that Jerry is a litter lout at WTA and such a bad example? That's possibly 'fake news' ....  In fact this was part of a full school assembly at the start of this term, discussing general site issues and primarily the twin culprits of plastic waste and litter. 



Many teachers want the school to focus this year on further developing the conversation and awareness about waste – about risks, pollution and environmental damage in Uganda. Without any official waste collection operations or council initiatives, waste disposal and management are difficult to manage both on site and in the community.  Plastic bags and bottles cause havoc by blocking water channels and causing harm to vegetation, livestock, creating litter, poisonous fumes.. of course, the list goes on.


One WTA specific strategy is to greatly reduce the amount of plastic allowed on site in the first place. The school canteen can no longer sell drinks in plastic bottles, they will reduce the use of polythene bags for snacks, and no longer sell disposable pads.

On the plus side, this could open up a business opportunity for enterprising and creative students to make paper bags for snacks and think up smart ideas for recycling plastics.

And on another positive note, this issue is already being addressed in regular Activate sessions and, more significantly, ‘Environmental Awareness’ is one of the key ‘cross cutting’ issues of the new lower secondary curriculum – which means it has to be introduced within all the other subjects on the school timetable from S1 upwards.