An opportunity to share

Jerry Dugdale | May 6, 2020

An opportunity to share
Moses delivering food support in Wobulenzi

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to our call for WTA and Connect Education Staff wage support. This has brought massive relief and security to our colleagues. Director Charles Opio has recorded a short thank you which you can see by clicking here. It has made a real difference to them and their families.


But - and as always there is a 'but', more and more people are becoming in desperate need of food as the stringent lockdown continues. Many of these families are headed by elderly grandparents or single parents who do not have the savings or resources to sustain those in their care. It is a real privilege and opportunity to share what we have...

In Gulu, we are working through our partner Dan (READ for Life) and a group of churches who have been overwhelmed with requests for support from the local community. Currently we have committed to support 60 such family groups each week. Each family meets with the team, receive counselling/prayer and are followed up. Here is a picture of a group of women who have just picked up their food.


In Lukomera, we are working through Charles with the local church and other community groups, including the local Muslim community, to identify and support those most in need. Currently we have committed to support 20 families through the church and a further 20 families within the wider community, but the number grows daily. We have just recieved this photo of some of this food about to be distributed in Lukomera.


In Wobulenzi, we are working with our long standing friend Moses (who has helped with building work since 2010) and Maranatha church to distribute food support to 21 families, identified as being in desperate need. The main picture and the one at the bottom, show Moses taking the food packages to grateful familes.

What does this mean in practice?

£20 per month buys enough basic maize flour, beans, cooking oil and salt to feed the average family.

We have a real opportunity to show our care by sharing what we have. We anticipate that these families will need at least 3 months support - would you like to help? Click on the donate button above or here to make a difference - please add FOOD as a reference. The more we receive, the more families we can help. Currently we need about £3000 per month, but this could grow as the number of families we can help grows. 

The BBC released a short video via Facebook about the worsening situation across the world for the poorest - well worth the 3 minutes to watch. It puts things in perpective. Click here to view. 

Many thanks for your generosity. For more information, please email