Onwards and Upwards.....

Elspeth Dugdale | July 12, 2022

Onwards and Upwards.....
Joan, about to qualify.

Students leave WTA usually after S4 or S6 and then they ...... well, who knows? After a while, news often trickles in and some students also return to visit. The vast majority are busy, occupied, in employment or continuing with studies. These three young women have 'been in the news' recently: 



Apayiro Teddy is a profoundly deaf student who persevered hard to complete each year at a Lukomera primary school - despite very many family difficulties and obstacles. Due to her unique situation, Teddy received some external support to pursue her goal of taking a tailoring course. She has just completed the two-year course with flying colours, despite many Covid delays. Teddy will graduate in a few months' time and is currently working for a local tailor. Her dream is to open her open her own business in the future. She is delighted with her progress - both practically and personally. And she's not alone in her delight.


Teddy - at primary school


 Teddy - proudly displaying her A grade Certificate in Tailoring

Many of you will remember Mable, who adored every team visit and the end of term programmes. She attended every session on offer, not to mention any extra-curricular activity and clubs at school. Since she left school, she's had a few false starts, but is now involved in a family business and most recently did a stint at Connect, volunteering with the holiday programme. Just doing this helped her to grow in confidence and skills. She has even managed to get paid work at another school. Now she is considering courses in early child development and hopefully will have a clearer way forward.  Every little helps.


 Back at WTA for work experience at Connect

Throughout July, there are some competent student nurses on placement at The Rock. One of them is Joan, a former WTA student who has been training at Kiwoko Hospital, near Luwero. She was one of the first girls with high passes in all three Sciences; throughout her course she has been complimented on her high exam results. She will complete her course in December and start work as a qualified nurse at The Rock in January 2023.  A real achievement and a great investment of education.


                                                     Joan - just before she started her nursing course.....

Not everyone steps onto the university ladder - or even needs to. For so many students, the uniquely affordable education at WTA provides choice and opportunity to make a next step in the world.... and then they can fly and find their own way. That is enough.