Old Friends and New Friends......

Elspeth Dugdale | May 3, 2015

There was great celebration at The Bridge, amongst the staff and children, at the return of Chella Heijsteeg from the Netherlands.  Chella is a real fan of The Bridge and is visiting WTA for the fifth time, during her own teaching holidays. As Chella always hits the ground running, even on her first day, she was busy spending the whole morning cutting out foam shapes, to use with the storytelling of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

Chella and Becky subsequently wowed the Bridge children by reading the story, using the new props of course...and the audience absolutely loved it of course - a great success.

Also joining The Bridge to help with the holiday programme for a month is Becky Patterson, on a placement at WTA for a month, and staying at the Volunteer Guest House with Stan and Sue. It is Becky's first visit to Uganda - by the end of the month, she will no doubt be able to recite the whole story!