O' Level Results at last!

Elspeth Dugdale | March 3, 2014

O' Level Results at last!
Headline News

The long awaited O' level results are out at last... and the good news is that results at Wobulenzi Town Academy have improved overall this year. Six students in Senior 4 achieved a 'Division One', the highest category.

Over 51 (half the year group) have automatic access to taking A' levels if they want to continue in education, as they gained good aggregate grades in Divisions Two and Three.

All other students have passed well enough and now have access to other vocational and practical courses elsewhere.

Division One results and improved marks are great news for any school. But the results for WTA are all the more impressive for the following reasons:

  • no selective entry into the school
  • mixed ability class sizes of 100
  • Science exams (as 3 separate subjects) at O' level are compulsory for all
  • students are working in English - not their first language
  • students have to pass both English and Maths in order to achieve overall high 'aggregate' marks

While the papers are full of league tables, rankings, categories and photos of the top students, it is good to see WTA now listed on the second page of the national school lists. Moreover, the students have done considerably better than those at other similar local schools; this is due to access to dedicated teaching, good resources and facilities.

With the increased funding in science at school, this year will hopefully bring a dramatic improvement in science, where there is a national trend of weakness. English and Maths are set to improve also, with an improved number of full-time teachers. 


Parents visiting yesterday were sharing in the celebration of the results.There is real delight, together with a real sense of pride and joy from students, teachers and parents - both old and new. Onwards and upwards!