Not Disabled... just Deaf... meet these three bright sparks!

Elspeth Dugdale | March 30, 2017

Not Disabled... just Deaf... meet these three bright sparks!
Teddy, George and Sylvia

Meet Teddy, George and Sylvia. They attend St Stephen's Primary School and are regular attenders and big fans of The Bridge. Well, they do attend school now - thanks to Headteacher John James and Deborah at The Bridge and a generous donation from some UK friends of ServeDirect. 

All three had dropped out of school and were out of sight for over a year, although they had been in school a little before that. All three were having to work at home and were falling behind in their education. As if being poor and living in rural Uganda wasn't difficult enough, all three children are deaf and therefore even more disadvantaged. Many parents view a disabled child as a curse and an unnecessary expense and not worth bothering about. Many just 'sit' at home and have to do menial chores around the house. Little effort is made to communicate with them - they are viewed as 'deaf AND dumb' - which is incredibly damning to a young child.

In India, they tend to say 'differently abled' and not disabled..... a much better description.


Teddy, George and Sylvia are extremely sparky, great fun, and very willing to learn. They were really desperate to get back to school. With the help of the new, dynamic Headteacher together with the persistence and commitment of The Bridge staff, if they stay in school till P7, they will automatically qualify for secondary vocational training in Kampala - which will be a huge step UP in life and OUT of poverty. They have great potential and big dreams...... Thanks to all who have made this possible.