New sports field for Lukomera

Jerry Dugdale | August 4, 2018

New sports field for Lukomera
Football mad...

Sport is a big deal for children in Uganda - usually football for boys and netball for girls. Cheap to play but finding a good field or area to do so is both expensive and hard to find. So when 3 acres of land that is level and the right shape, came up for sale close to the school site, we snapped it up. No time for fundraising as literally the deal had to be agreed, there and then.

The marker in the picture below shows where the land is in relation to Wobulenzi Town Academy.


Having a proper sports area will allow both WTA and the Connect Centre to host tournaments, which will be a huge benefit for many schools in the area - both primary and secondary. And there is room to spare for future expansion...


The land cost around £15,000. Half has been paid for, but now we are looking to raise funding for the other half, plus a bit extra for equipment etc - can you help? A good focus for a fundraising event? Every bit helps - so please donate by clicking on the link above or below, or email me for more information

Now, where did I put my football boots.......