New girls washrooms - in pictures

Jerry Dugdale | March 30, 2017

New girls washrooms - in pictures
New land for the washrooms

Some new land was bought next to the school for much needed additional girl's washrooms. The new washrooms contain 6 toilets, a large bathing area and washing slab. There was great pressure on the current washrooms - and even more after we built additional boy's facilities last year! Here is a pictorial diary of the build that should be finished and opened mid April. 


Clearing the excellent topsoil for use elsewhere.


Muhamadh the machine digging the latrine pit - only 45ft deep this time!


Toilet doors in.


Plastering inside the bathing area.


'so how big do we need this soakpit?'

We will add some pics of the finished washrooms next month. many thanks again to all those who have contributed to these washrooms.