New 'Bridge' in Gulu - can you help?

Jerry Dugdale | July 2, 2017

New 'Bridge' in Gulu - can you help?
3D visualisation of new Gulu Bridge

The new Gulu Bridge Primary Resource Centre had the 'go ahead' earlier this year and is currently being built on land donated by the Catholic church. It is larger than the Bridge in Lukomera as it will also be a regional centre, supporting up to 57 Primary schools. Building started 6 weeks ago and Moses and his team are already starting to put the roof on! Great progress for a great project.

But we need your help. This new Bridge will cost approximately £50,000 to build and equip. It is a large building as the number of local children it will support is in the tens of thousands, rather than in the thousands. Although we have the cost of the building underwritten  -  we still need to raise this money so that we can secure the future running costs over the next few years. Help us fund this initiative and be part of this exciting adventure. Please email for more information. 

Gulu_Bridge_plan_web.JPG dan_and_moses_web.JPG

ServeDirect is working with another charity based in Gulu, READ for LIFE run by Jody and Dan Unterrheiner from Australia. Jody is already running a teacher training programme in local schools and will move her base to the new Bridge. Dan (in the pic above - Moses is to his left in the grey shirt) is very kindly helping oversee the day to day building and doing a great job - we are currently 2 weeks ahead of our timetable and on budget. This unique model for supporting Primary schools will have a significant impact on the education of literally tens of thousands of children. 

Here are a few pictures of the building diary to give a flavour of what is going up...

Gulu_bridge_land_web.JPG digging_foundations_web.JPG

The land before clearing & fencing - and digging the foundations for the main building.

foundation_brickwork_web.JPG In_the_office_web.jpg

Foundation brickwork - and 'scratching my head' in the site office - inside a container.

Happy_masons_web.jpg making_the_ringbeam_web.jpg

Happy bricklayers laying some of the 45,000 bricks in the main building alone - and casting the concrete ringbeam;  this ties the building together for strength.

A_growing_building_web.jpg Latrine_brickwork.jpg

The building grows - and the toilet blocks go up.

ascari_house_ready_for_roofing.jpg window_and_door_frames_web.jpg

Askari (security guard) houses - and the pile of window and door frames ready for building in.

Ready_for_roofing.jpg Putting_together_the_roof_timber.jpg

Main building ready for roofing  - and roofing timbers being assembled. Over 1000 lengths of wood and no power tools - just a hammer and nails. No wonder the carpenter is holding his head!

More updates and numbers will follow as the building progresses.