New beginnings

Jerry Dugdale | February 6, 2014

New beginnings
WTA senior management team meet with ServeDirect

New beginnings for Wobulenzi Town Academy for the start of the new academic year and new staff for ServeDirect.

New ServeDirect volunteers, Stan & Sue Rothwell meet with Project Director Opio Charles and his senior management at WTA, just before the start of this new academic year.

Charles was particularly pleased that everything on site had been safe over the long holidays and is looking forward to the start of term. Students are expected to report back steadily over the next 3 weeks, due to the effort required by parents and guardians to raise school fees, as well as the confusion in the country over the late release of exam results. 

The meeting was very positive with the school year being committed to God for His blessing. There are quite a few new full time teachers which is another milestone for the school.

And then new beginnings for ServeDirect in Lukomera as the volunteers' house takes shape with some furniture making its steady way from Kampala to Lukomera..


Everyone has been roped in to the cleaning and preparations.....with the plan to move in this coming weekend.


A historic moment was crowned when we ate our first meal at the house....a great effort.