Meet Johannes and Gé Holwerda – new Project Guardians

Jerry Dugdale | May 1, 2017

Meet Johannes and Gé Holwerda – new Project Guardians
Morning coffee at Mirembe House

On April 20th, Johannes and Gé Holwerda arrived in Uganda as volunteer Project Guardians for ServeDirect. This involves representing ServeDirect in Uganda and working with Charles & his staff at the three projects in Lukomera. They will also be involved with the development of a new 'Bridge' in Gulu and hosting teams & volunteers at Mirembe House.                 

So, Johannes and Gé, tell us a little about yourselves…..

I am Johannes Holwerda , I was born on 20 July 1950. I have three sisters. I worked in the police for 40 years and now I am retired. When I was 22 years old in 1972 I married Gé. She lived close to my hometown, so we met. She is from a family with three brothers. Until we got married she was a teacher in a primary school. We have 5 children; three boys and two girls - they are all married . We have 13 grandchildren, from the age of 15 down to 1 years old. We live in Bolsward, a little town with 10.000 inhabitants in the north of Holland.

How did you find out about ServeDirect?

We got connected with ServeDirect via our eldest son Yme, who lived in Uganda for 2 years with his wife Fokla and the 3 children. He knew that ServeDirect was looking for a couple as Project Guardians in Lukomera at Wobulenzi Town Academy. And we were surprised that Jerry and Elspeth thought that we would suitable to do this! Maybe that is because we have experience in working abroad. Since the 1980s we have been doing building and water projects in the Dominican Republic – short term projects which our teams complete in 2-3 weeks.

But how will we deal with a longer time project in Uganda? Are we going to miss our family? We don’t know yet. But after 10 days now that we are here, we are glad to take the decision to come. We have enjoyed every day so far. Everything is new; every person we meet, the beautiful weather, the noise from the birds in the morning.

What are you looking forward to?  

When you ask what we are looking forward to, we don’t know yet, because everything is so new. We don’t know how it will be when Jerry and Elspeth have gone back to the UK and we will be here together. How it will be when the team is coming? These are the challenges that we will have to deal with.

Until now we enjoy every day. We are sure that God will guide us. We put our trust in Him

Thank you very much… Dank je vel!