In the Meantime..... Zooming and Spelling

Elspeth Dugdale | October 27, 2021

In the Meantime..... Zooming and Spelling
Meeting over the Miles

Despite seemingly endless school closures in Uganda, plenty is still going on 'behind the scenes'. Zoom and Whatsapp have become communication staples between Uganda and the UK, although there are so many challenges that can occur across the miles, when trying to make contact. Our least favourite option is to make an 'old school' landline call, which can cost a ridiculous amount.


Needless to say, power cuts, no internet, stolen phones, stormy weather, broken cables are very disruptive mid-conversation or mid-meeting. However, when 'it" works, it's wonderful. Recently, Connect Managers, Deborah and Sam have been taking the opportunity to redraft some key Connect documents on Vision, Mission and Values. Being able to Zoom together is far more effective than exchanging endless emails.

In Gulu and, more recently in Lukomera, Connect and READ for Life staff are still diligently meeting with small groups of neighbourhood children to support them in Literacy and Maths. Even to do this, each group had to seek permission from a local parish chairperson or community leader, to avoid being accused of   'teaching illegally', which could result in a fine or even arrest.

In addition to the teaching, Connect Gulu teachers have had joint training sessions with READ for Life, and have continued with lessons on the radio. Jody has also organised some excellent leadership training over Zoom with the US based 'Elevate Human'. Founders Travis and Madison run sessions from their offices in California and Florida, with an audience based both in the UK, and in Uganda - from Kampala to Gulu. So far they have been a resounding success.

Noone sits still for long in Gulu. Not content with the progress made with online grammar courses earlier this year, both teams are signed up to 'Spellzone' to boost their accuracy and knowledge of English. They are a competitive bunch, often comparing notes to see who has the highest percentages, who has made the greatest improvement overall and who has spent the most time online to get the best scores! Time well spent.