Marketing, Advertising and Getting Ahead at School

Elspeth Dugdale | January 6, 2019

Marketing, Advertising and Getting Ahead at School
WTA Brochure

January is a key time for primary and secondary schools to advertise and find new students - and WTA is no exception. Charles and his team travel round different areas of Uganda to talk about the school and what it offers. They promote WTA in their own local areas and hand out admission forms to interested parents, and to school 'recruiting agents' .


There is immense competition between schools, so they have to work really hard at marketing and advertising as the start of the new school year approaches. Parents endlessly compare fees  and 'special offers' for new students between different schools, trying to get the best value possible. 


WTA is offering free tuition fees to P7 (top class) students who gain a high Division One grade at PLE - the primary leaving exam, when the results are announced in February.  Once they join WTA, the top 5 performing students in each year group are also offered a full or half bursary in the following school year - hence the smiles on this group of qualifying S2 and S3 boys!