Making Lists and Shopping Brilliantly

Elspeth Dugdale | December 4, 2018

Making Lists and Shopping Brilliantly
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Like socks and onesies, (but far more brilliant, effective and amazing), ServeDirect alternative gifts come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. They may be less sparkly, less cosy and less beautifully wrapped, but they are guaranteed to be appreciated, used & loved. Not only that, they will bring genuine excitement and delight. What’s not to like?

Here’s a list of suggestions and guide prices - and how to buy/donate:

Choose a gift and price that works from the list below,

Click on the ‘My Donate’ square button on the homepage of

Select or type in the appropriate amount and add a note next to the donation to say what you are buying, eg. ‘CHRISTMAS mum and baby pack’ or CHRISTMAS Footballs


£5/£10 New Mum and Baby Gift - Blanket and Toiletries.

£10       Primary Reading Books (pack of 5)  - perfect for Group Reading.

£10       Children’s Puzzles for the Connect centres – invaluable for brain development and fun!

£15        Newspapers! A term’s supply for the library to help A’ level students.

£20        Footballs – essential for making boarding school a bit more fun!

£20        2 x A’ level Textbooks – choose your preferred subject – the greatest needs are for Agriculture, History, Geography, RE and Swahili (new subject) and local language Luganda.

£30        African Literature and Biography – the most borrowed books in the library!

£40        New Netball posts - the old ones snapped in half and have been retired! 

£50+      Packs of Textbooks for the above subjects to enable further research and revision.


If any of the above are of interest - then we assure you that 100% of the amount donated will be spent on that item. They will make a huge difference to the supplies and 'extras' that we are able to put into WTA, the Connect Education Centres and The Rock Health Centre. Thank you very much, Webale Nyo, Apwoyo Matek. If you have any queries, please email