On Location in Mad March

Elspeth Dugdale | March 29, 2019

On Location in Mad March
On Location in a Gulu Primary School

Happily, none of our guests in March paid any attention whatsoever to Benjamin Franklin's acidic quotation** about house guests that stay on ....  which was just as well, as they wouldn't have completed their long list of 'things to do' lined up for them...



Judith and Neil Kirkland reappeared in late February creating a perfect storm mainly at Connect -  with Neil advising on computer support, (installing a new primary learning system), together with Judith advising, training and team teaching in every area other than IT. Having worked wonders in Lukomera, we then took them up to Gulu, where they did it all over again. This was particularly useful at Connect Gulu, where there is a new, dedicated computer room.


Apparently, (or so we were told,) Judith is now the easiest to understand out of all the visitors who have come to WTA - there must be something secret that links Welsh and Luganda perhaps? 


First-time WTA visitors, Jordan and Hannah Shepherd also spent time both in Lukomera and Gulu - but with a completely different purpose - to make updated films on ServeDirect and on the Connect Centres. For 10 days, they interviewed, filmed, discussed, lined up shots, asked questions and got to know so many people. In addition to their extensive, exhaustive (and exhausted) filming and recording skills, they also got stuck into school life -  much to the delight of the students and staff. Undoubtedly, the most challenging and time consuming work of editing is yet to come, but we will be patient. Given that there is almost a year before the next row of BAFTAs/Oscars etc, we will look forward to sharing the results of their epic work - when the time comes!  


** "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days". We can categorically say that this was not the case!