Learning and Literacy Action

Elspeth Dugdale | October 5, 2015

Learning and Literacy Action
'Me sir, me sir....!'

This year, exciting Library Lessons were introduced into the weekly timetable - run by Sue and Stan and other members of the English Department. The lessons include learning how to research, how to 'read around', how to use a dictionary and aims to develop an enjoyment of reading and learning. So far, so good.

One main focus of The Bridge is to develop a strong reading culture at an early age. Afternoon storytelling with Stella is always popular:


Jody Unterrheiner from Gulu has been back at The Bridge this week, running further phonics training and carrying out teacher observations, which has been a great follow up to last term's course. At The Bridge they have been running interschool quizzes to prepare pupils for the upcoming PLE (Primary Leaving Exams) this term. These are always both popular and great fun.



Art is a really popular subject at The Bridge and at WTA and can offer good job opportunities post-school and at The Bridge - and this term, students have been developing their skills in tie-dye fabric. Again, this is all vital preparation for this public exam term, but also hugely enjoyable!