Keeping Girls in School and Talking about Pants!

Elspeth Dugdale | October 2, 2016

Keeping Girls in School and Talking about Pants!
50% of all girls are likely to drop out before they complete secondary school

Every month thousands of girls in Uganda have to stay home from school as they don't have supplies or access to affordable pads, and /or enough underwear to manage their periods. Many of them eventually drop out of school completely as they miss so much lesson time.

Many of them never transfer from primary to secondary education. As a result, many of them then become pressurised into early marriage and early motherhood. It is a problem that is both complex but also has some simple solutions.

The November Team have (together with the recently returned July Team) devised an unusual focus for their trip. They are planning a programme with The Rock and The Bridge staff to run sessions and workshops for the girls to raise awareness and give practical help and advice to help them address this issue. By working with some great Ugandan NGOs, the objective will be to help both primary and secondary become more able and proactive in managing this monthly challenge together.

In addition to this, both the November Team and the Chase Team are actively collecting supplies of pants and raising money to buy re-usable pads in Uganda.

Want to get involved and help?  Here's how....  

1. Donate packets of new pants (ladies size 6-16) - preferably navy/black and plain dark colours.                        

2. Donate money to buy kits of reusable pads for primary and secondary girls. A kit costs £5 & lasts 2 years.

3. Put your pants on later this month - Saturday October 29th!!

If you have ever wanted to walk around in public in your underwear, here's your big chance... you can join in the ServeDirect PANTWALK with both teams to raise funds and raise awareness for the 'Pants to Poverty' project by walking from Romsey Abbey to Waltham Chase on Saturday 29th October. For further details, email

 Keeping girls in school helps them to take steps out of family and community poverty.girls2.JPG