The International Language... of Sport

Elspeth Dugdale | July 2, 2016

The International Language... of Sport
Ethan, Roger, Claire, Fortunate and Richard

"You are Most Welcome in This Place".... is a refrain from a wellknown student song to welcome visitors . Although there are no favourites of course, there is particular delight and enthusiasm for anyone bringing sports skills and training to WTA.



As a subject, PE /Sport is not officially on the timetable, so extra training and skills development is greatly valued. Our good friend Chris Mubiru who is a regular visitor to WTA from Kampala, visited recently with his friend and colleague Daniel Brandel from the US - visiting WTA for a second time. Daniel gave some great training to the basketball team - on correct rules, fairplay and leadership -  and also preached  on the Sunday. He is passionate about teaching lifeskills and faith through sport, in particular basketball.




A few days later, a mini UK-Ugandan team arrived led by Ethan Metz and Roger Savill. They were accompanied for the first week by Claire Lunn-Rockliffe (from Christchurch, Winchester)  who works fulltime in Kisoro and two Ugandan colleagues, Richard and Fortunate. Ethan led through a sports training and sports education programme,  with the others. He devised himself as part of his own course at Brockenhurst College. Roger - now on his third visit to WTA - powered through the two weeks supporting Ethan's programme and not sitting still at all. He also managed to fit in some improvements to the basketball/netball court layout and ingeniously devising a weight-training programme for the students to help them muscle up and get even fitter and stronger!