Hot off the Sewing Machine..

Elspeth Dugdale | September 6, 2015

Hot off the Sewing Machine..
At the design stage...

Last month we wrote about the exploits of the latest team at Wobulenzi, from Christchurch London. In several photos, they can be seen sporting the very latest ServeDirect polo shirts, which were designed and created for their trip. As we placed the order, we did request an extra batch to sell in the UK. At just £10 each (plus about £2 p&p) they are a 'fitting' (of course!) reminder of a SD team trip, or also a great way to support SD projects in Wobulenzi.


To obtain your limited edition Serve Direct shirt, please email us your details, size (S,M, L. XL) or if you're local to Romsey, do get in touch about how to pick one up. So if you feel your aged turquoise/blue/cream shirts of yesteryear are looking too faded or have shrunk beyond decency, please get in touch to order your replacement ServeDirect shirt. Or if you would just like a new shirt for the autumn - 'soft grey' is definitely this season's new colour and a new fashion staple!






New tshirts with the new logo at the design stage. Amazing sewing technology available in Wobulenzi!

In 'other' news, Sue and Stan have just been back in the UK for a well earned month's break to catch up with family and friends. As can be seen here, they took time out of their busy schedule to model the new SD shirts and to prove that they are young and cool enough to take an impressive selfie! They returned on Saturday in time for the new term which starts today (Monday 7th) September. We wish them well for this final term of the school year.