Happy New Year? Why not? It is only February, after all…

Elspeth Dugdale | February 14, 2020

Happy New Year? Why not? It is only February, after all…
Catching up about school news with HM Benard..

February hails the start of the new term and the new academic year – so it is entirely appropriate to begin with Happy New Year.  Back in Uganda, at WTA, it is still perfectly reasonable to start a new conversation with “Happy New Year”, the first time you are meeting up with someone, whenever that is. It's clearly going to be a long term ..... 


Students are back: Some students are looking rather lean and hungry, having been ‘digging’ on family land and often managing on just one meal a day. Many look forward to school starting again as they say they have been bored and missing friends. There is also a bright, new bunch of keen, wide-eyed Senior 1s, rearing to go, finding their way round the site and trying to work out their complicated new timetable.

O’ level Results are out: Each year sees a steady improvement, and there’s always room for better results and better outcomes. Out of 147 students, there were 44 Distinctions, 102 overall Passes and only 1 overall fail. A big improvement from last year. Headteacher Benard looks forward to the imminent arrival of Staff Support, Guide & Academic Mentor, Paul Ibbott. Paul’s skills in analysing results and creating strategies are making a real change to teaching at WTA.



Visitors are coming: Throughout this term, there will be a steady stream of visitors staying at WTA and in Gulu. All of them will be sharing expertise, practical skills and acquired wisdom (we hope!) with staff, students and ServeDirect. ‘Well be backs’ in advance to Michele, Em, Paul, Sarah, Neil, Judith, George, Rob, Phil and hopefully Nick & Georgia in April.

The Hungry Caterpillar, Lazy Lion & The Gruffalo are making an entrance on the mobile library shelves: Thanks to our visitors, who together are carrying out a massive amount of over 160kg of reading books, and consequently very few of their own clothes! These have been bought with donations from Handsnfeet – our fab friends in the Netherlands – and are destined for the mobile library project in Gulu.


And..... the rats are back:  Very tediously, some hungry rodents in the roof space took a chunk out of a plastic water pipe, causing a leak. Fortunately a new canine protection team, (once they stop sprawling over the flowers), will help to sort out the furry visitors should they have the nerve to reappear.

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