Gulu Book Fair

Jerry Dugdale | September 21, 2019

Gulu Book Fair
Another first - Book Fair in Gulu

Earlier this month, READ for Life held the first ever Book Fair in Gulu specifically for Nursery and Primary schools. The Book Fair was hosted at the Connect Educaion Centre and saw many Headteachers and School Directors visit on the day. This marks another major milestone for literacy development in the area.


In preparation for the Book Fair  - we need to say a huge THANK YOU you to Dutch charity HandsnFeet - who undertook a hugely successful fundraising cycle ride for ServeDirect. They were cycling to raise money to fund moble libraries for participating schools in the Gulu area. Over 20,000 Euros were raised! Fantastic. The mobile library project was launched on the day.

Here is a summary of the day by Jody Spencer from READ for Life:

Yesterday we had our first ever Book Fair in Gulu attended by about 80 people!

And it went smashingly! Librarian/author Cathy Kreutter was our key note speaker and challenged many directors and head teachers present! Her presentations were more than challenging to the many present and the language of school leaders soon changed. I heard remarks like: “we don’t have a functioning library, we have just a library, in fact we don’t even have a library we have a store room.” The self reflection and inspiration amongst local school leaders was so encouraging!

book_fair_3.jpg Sam_with_mobile_library.jpg

And what was even more encouraging was books were flying off the shelves! Two vendors who travelled up from Kampala with a range of books for sale sold out on the day. Ye of little faith in Gulu I said. It was an incredible sight to see local schools buying books.

Yesterday a small seed was sown to change the reading culture in our community. But we pray that we can continue to water that seed so it can grow.

Thank you again to all of those who donated to help bring this event to life! Many are requesting it should be an annual event…