Goodbye and .... Well Be Back!

Elspeth Dugdale | May 12, 2018

Goodbye and .... Well Be Back!
Well be back from the security team

April 20th marked the end of a very special era at WTA, as Johannes and Gé finished a full year as ServeDirect Project Guardians. They will be greatly missed of course, having made such a great impact on the community, on the school and on so many individuals during their stay. And they will be a very hard act to follow! However...............




there is a wonderful short-term solution, as Sue and Stan (Rothwell), our first PGs 2014 - 2016, have kindly agreed to come and 'stand in the gap' acting as PG Tips ('Temporary PGs' as Sue has pointed out) for a few months. Although WTA is currently on holiday for a few weeks, Sue and Stan arrived this week and have been spending time settling in, meeting old friends, introducing themselves to new staff, no doubt shaking hands many many times. Also they have arrived right in the middle of mango season - which the rest of us are sadly missing... such perfect timing! 



Sue and Stan will be visiting Gulu - seeing what has happened there, since they first visited in 2015 and originally identified it as being suitable for a primary resource centre. Of course they will also be getting thoroughly immersed in school life, supporting Charles and helping with Activate and History coaching. Other duties will include managing the canine security, renegotiating Kampala traffic and discovering the huge number of decent cappuccino options. We are delighted to welcome them back to Uganda, so 'Well be back Sue and Stan' - as they say.


" Security, what security?" Ever alert.........