Going Dutch at The Bridge

Elspeth Dugdale | August 4, 2014

Going Dutch at The Bridge
Chella back in Uganda

The Bridge plays a vital role in developing reading skills and in supporting primary-aged children in the Lukomera community, and so that the doors are rarely closed to young customers. As other schools end the second term, the Bridge remains open, operating a holiday timetable. This July and August, The Bridge is delighted to welcome back a very special friend from the Netherlands, Chella Heijsteeg, who is now on her fourth visit to WTA to help Deborah and the staff,  and to get involved in teaching on the holiday programme.

Chella is a primary teacher from Zoetermeer and with each visit, she has developed a deepening connection between her own class and The Bridge children. Because of her own teaching commitments, she can only visit as a volunteer during her own school holidays, but she manages to pack in an incredible amount during each visit. Since her arrival last week, she has already run teacher training sessions for The Bridge teachers, Stella and Linus - but this was also made available to the local primary school teachers, who bring their classes every week. For the rest of the time, Chella will be supporting Deborah with the holiday programme and helping with inter-school quizzes, creative learning and community liaison visits. She always brings immense enthusiasm and energy into her teaching - and her willingness to share new ideas and good teaching practice is always invaluable for developing child-centred learning at The Bridge.IMG_0007.JPG

Of course, the practical side of her visit this year is even easier by being able to stay at the Volunteer Guest House on site. On previous visits, Chella has documented each trip with a short film - all of which have been posted on the Facebook page. We are really looking forward to seeing the next film at the end of this visit. This will also be shown to the children, staff and parents at Chella's own primary school to talk about the work of The Bridge and to show the impact that it has on the children of Lukomera.

We are so grateful to Chella for sharing her teaching skills and talents,  and for bringing a flavour of the Netherlands to The Bridge this holiday.