Five Gold Rings? Or How to be a Good Sport at Christmas.

Elspeth Dugdale | November 4, 2017

Five Gold Rings? Or How to be a Good Sport at Christmas.

not "Five Gold Rings" .....instead here are Five Invaluable Ideas, which might help your retail indecision at Christmas. If you feel overwhelmed with choosing new 'stuff' and  you are wondering if it will be really appreciated, permit ServeDirect to offer a few suggestions - which will be immensely appreciated!



These are a few important areas we would like to raise money for in 2018, so if you would like to contribute towards one of them, please choose the suggestion that interests you and let us know by adding a note (as listed in brackets) with your donation on the website.


Simply click on the Donate button, (top right on the Home page of and choose the amount of money and add the suggested note telling us your area of interest.

1. Help WTA be able to set up and host their own local sports tournaments for football, netball and basketball in 2018. (Type 'Sports')


2.  Buy sets of locally written stories in English and Acholi for the new Centre in Gulu. Local reading books (£10 a set) help visiting children to develop their reading skills more effectively, helping them to make good progress in school. (Type 'Primary Readers')


3. Buy 'Mama' kits (£5 each) for women wanting to give birth at The Rock Health Centre. Each kit contains materials needed for going into hospital for delivery - essential for hygiene and safety at such a critical time. Many women cannot afford them.     (Type 'Mama Kits')


4. Buy 35 new, clean mattresses and basins  (£15 a set) for the deaf primary children who stay at Lukomera Primary School. Many of them are sent without these essential items for boarding school life.                  (Type 'Mattresses')


5. Buy a place (£30) for one S4 or S6 WTA student to attend a holiday revision programme for 100 students to prepare for O' and A' levels in 2018. This year, most parents of boarding students could not commit to this extra cost, so the progamme was only available for day students. The money covers the cost of food and tuition for 3 weeks. (Type 'Holiday Revision')




Each contribution makes a dramatic difference in these key areas of the projects of ServeDirect. There are no overheads and no extra costs to consider when making a donation. What you give goes 100% towards the gift 'idea' of choice.


In case you're interested, Christmas IS a great time of celebration in Uganda, but it is pretty understated, and much simpler in its outlook - compared to the frenetic activity that starts so early in some places........

At the most, it may involve travelling back to your home village, going to church, maybe eating chicken and rice. A single gift might be a new outfit. 

Whatever you do, happy preparations over the next month :)